Trippy paper head sculpture

Kalau dapat benda ni syok buat main zaman-zaman budak sekolah dulu lah kan. Apa ntah nama benda ni kalau dalam bahasa melayu. Sape tau?

Kalau dah dewasa ni kita up sikit main benda ni pulak..hahaha..betul tak?

This is a video of artist Li Hongbo demonstrating how one of his paper sculptures works. I'm not really sure how he made that. Did he just carve one giant block of paper that was already folded to expand like an accordion? No clue -- and it's none of our business anyways. That's like asking a magician how they learned magic. If you want to learn magic so bad you go blow a wizard and join their ranks yourself.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video. It turned into a Xenomorph!

Source: HERE


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